By Telephone Hypnotherapy or On-Line Counseling Sessions with Daze’ will help you change your negative thinking into positive actions with speed, ease, comfort and joy. 

Quick solution-oriented response from Daze’- not a board of counselors.  You enjoy anonymity in sending email question and description of problem.

Email counseling is $45.00 per e-mail

Telephone counseling or hypnotherapy  with Daze’ $125.00. per 50minutes. Call 702-982-1779.

IT’S AFFORDABLE E-mail Counseling is a flat rate of $45. per e-mail.

Phone Counseling  or Hypnotherapy $125.00. for 50 minutes.  Call 702-982-1779 for an appointment. PayPal  accepted form of payment.

If you need  a receipt for insurance  purposes, I’ll be happy to email or mail you one.


About Daze’

Dazé Lisenkoff, Ph.D. C.Ht.  Hypnotherapist
On-Line Counselor

“Not only has my business grown, I also feel fundamental
contentment and peace that I haven’t known since childhood.”

-Robert Clink, Some Assembly Required

The Feel Good Motivational Place, Inc. has been helping people attain, maintain and expand their goals with speed, ease comfort and joy since 1992.   Dazé’  have helped thousands of people over the years attain, maintain and expand professions, personal & spiritual goals.

Dr. Dazé Lisenkoff’s Motivational Speaking is packed with wisdom, humor and what’s new in each of the astrological signs that keeps the audience wanting more! 

Our A.S.I.S.T. Hypnocoaching is available  in English and Russian. 

Learn more about the amazing backgrounds of Dazé  Lisenkoff or read on to find out more about our services and how she can help you.

Motivational Hypnosis

“After my first hypnotic session with you, my business started turning around – this is so far my best year of my 10 years in Real Estate. And, as a “bonus” I’ve released over 30 unwanted pounds and am now exercising daily and eating appropriately”. -Bert Dozark, ReMax


A.S.I.S.T. Hypnocoaching

A.S.I.S.T  End Result Therapy

Corporate, Professional, Personal

My sales have doubled.” – Ann Stewart, Director Mary Kay

A.S.I.S.T. Hypnocoaching & End Result Therapy will help you eliminate the “stinking thinking” blocking your success!

Motivational Speaking

“Thank you so much for your excellent and entertaining keynote at the Singles Convention earlier this month. Everyone enjoyed you. We look forward to the opportunity to have you speak again at one of our conventions”
-Rich Gosse, Chairman, Cupid. Org

If your church, civic or professional organization is looking for an exciting and dynamic speaker – Dazé is available for your function. Call or e-mail for more information.


Dazé has worked with me over the past 18 months. For the past 6 months, we have worked by phone. We focus on many issues from remodeling and selling my house, moving across the county — to negative thoughts about aging, relationships, etc. This was accomplished, for the most part, while working full-time and part-time concurrently.

I found the therapy very helpful in:

(1) prioritizing what I wanted to manifest at any particular time;
(2) keeping myself balanced;
(3) avoiding ‘overwhelm’ by allowing myself to focus on 1 – 3 issues at a session;
(4) uncovering the deep subconscious reasons I was not manifesting whatever I thought I wanted.

Not everything I wanted or thought I wanted to materialize came to fruition. That didn’t stop me. I focus on results. More of what works and less of what doesn’t. For me, hypnotherapy works well for some things not so well for others.

Successes include–in chronological order:

*Materializing an income to support myself in my future life and cross-country move;
* A gorgeous/perfect remodeled house to sell;
* Netting the exact amount of $ that I wanted from the sale of my house;
* Closing the sale of my house on my precise time schedule;
* Finding out who my friends were/are;
* Moving to a place that most people only dream about [without having somewhere to stay, a job, or any real friends].
* Identifying what I want and need and what I’m willing to do to get it.

I learned again and again:
(1) Clear intentions rule;
(2) What you focus on expands ['good' or 'bad'];
(3) We can stay trapped in the past or we can move forward and have the life we choose… if we’re willing to work for it.

I was willing to work for it. It doesn’t stop. I still am.

All the best to all of us in our travels along the Path to Manifesting!


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