Creating the Information Only Subconscious Belief – is just as important as creating the subconscious belief that you now attain, maintain and expand your goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy.Commitment to yourself is the most important first step to attaining and maintaining your goals.  Since your subconscious mind has been programmed since the moment your were conceived, the change will not be immediate.  Your subconscious mind will strongly resist your first attempts in an effort to discourage you.  It is at this precise moment that you must make a conscious effort to honor your commitment to yourself if you are to win the victory. 

To do this, one of the beliefs  you must create is the subconscious belief that allows you to unplug from the internal energy attached to everything that has ever happened to you.  So you must create an information only belief – that gives you the power to  unplug from any energy that is attached to your past emotions and pictures.  You never forget anything that has happened, but you may store those events – without the energy charge that sets your subconscious pictures into action, in your Information Only belief.

Remember the language of your subconscious mind is created by real events and imagined pictures, which are created by your imagination and the reality of your life.Your own library’s mental pictures are formed from your first moment of consciousness, and remains with you the rest of your life. The best part of your mental library is this: you may take down any book, video, or audio tape that holds your programmed beliefs and erase the energy of any portion of the program or belief that isn’t good for you at that particular moment in your life thus putting it in the information only belief. This allows you to access your past, when you want without taking any actions – just looking at it as past history. Giving you the ability to put anything negative in your information only belief so the event really BECOMES YOUR PAST HISTORY!!!!!

Remember this: when you are re-creating your new beliefs, you control what you retain and what you want to erase.  Your subconscious doesn’t care what you introduce into it.Your daily exercise to help you create a positive subconscious belief that you are now creating your Information only subconscious belief. 


Each morning before starting your day – write the following Statement of Fact – 7 times;

I now truly believe I can and now do create my subconscious information only belief that allows me to make the past the past, attaining, maintaining and expanding this belief subconsciously, consciously, physically and spiritually with speed,
ease, comfort and joy.

Each evening – before retiring- write the following Statement of
Fact – 7 time;

I now use my Information Only subconscious belief to put the past in the past with speed, ease, comfort and joy.  I attain, maintain and expand this belief,subconsciously,
consciously, physically and spiritually with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

After you have written your Statement of Fact – visualize or imagine yourself – as NOW BEING OK – having the Inner Belief that you know that you will be OK.

A fact to remember: The last thing you think about at night is what your subconscious mind works on all night. Think negative thoughts as you are drifting to sleep – you wake up a mess in the morning.

Think positive thought – whether they are true or not (your subconscious mind doesn't care) you'll wake up – ready to go with speed, ease, comfort and joy.