An example of creating an artificial, short-lasting belief  happened to a client of mine. She came to me to discuss her emotional problems. She had barely started talking when she burst into tears. I asked the poor woman what was wrong in her life. She had been having some financial woes that were bothering her. She told me that she had bought a subliminal tape that she believed would give her a message of prosperity, which it did."I began to have a fear that I would never again experience wealth and prosperity," she said. "The tape told me I would, but I didn't believe it! It was tearing me apart."

Pressing further, I asked her why she felt that she had gone into such conflict. She told me she had been raised to belief that the rich would never enter the kingdom of Heaven. Money was the root of all-evil. It was better to be poor than rich. Her belief system did not support the message on the subliminal cassette she was listening to day and night. She had put herself in internal conflict and was being ripped in two. She literally was.

 Why? When there is a belief system that is opposite to that of a subliminal message, you will throw the psyche into conflict. As you continue to bombard the subconscious with the same subliminal message over and over again, the subconscious mind is screaming, "I don't believe that!" and fights back, usually creating some form of depression or anxiety.

During our telephone hypnotherapy session, my client created a new belief system concerning money that supported her conscious desires, and she now is living the financial lifestyle she desired.

"Breakthrough" seems to be the buzzword of the self-help seminar set. It is amazing to me how the subconscious mind sets us up to receive what it believes is our reality. Everyone wants success. Madison Avenue creates for us the conscious successes we are supposed to have; it whets our appetites. PR people begin beating their drums and we reach for our checkbook or Credit Cards.

This is the way most people achieve their major breakthroughs, if you can believe it- the problem is once they have the breakthrough they don't have the subconscious belief system to support the breakthrough.

Just sit in a seminar room with hundreds of other people who are trying to have a breakthrough. Suddenly the energy becomes so great, everyone feels the electricity of anticipation. The nervous system actually slips into overload; every nerve ending is screaming, "Now, Now, Now!" Suddenly someone stands up and shouts, "I am having a breakthrough!", achieving the ultimate "AH" feeling. For the moment everyone feels good because the real "IT" has been experienced by someone in the crowd. The message spreads through the collective unconscious. Now all the people in the room are shouting, "I'm have it, too," and now the entire room is exploding in unison "Breakthrough!" Woe is be if you’re the one who hasn't had the religious conversion or breakthrough in the name of self-help. You feel like you want to slink from the room and creep back to your corner.

The only trouble is those breakthroughs rarely last for very long. In a few days, you begin feeling just like you did before you experienced the euphoria. Oh, you had a few fleeting
moments of feeling that you can now overcome all of your past, present and future problems, but they didn't last. Reality is back with you, within several days. If you talk honestly to other people who were in the seminar (and if they will be honest with you), you discover they are experiencing a similar feeling of letdown. But it’s like the story of the Emperor with the new clothes nobody wants to be the first to admit the Emperor is naked.

Now is a good time to look at yourself to see how effectively you have completed your goals. Take a good hard look. Whatever you have believed has been your personal reality, you now have the right to change those beliefs remember personal choice? And you can do it with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

Your mind is the link between you and your Inner Source/Subconscious Mind. God / Higher Power gave you the choice to be or not to be, and you have chosen to be. Remember He said, "Fear not, for I am with thee." It is up to you, as a believer in your Inner Source, to come to terms with your inner primary belief system, keeping in tact what is working and changing what you need to change to move forward in life.

Your subconscious mind is the vehicle that make your current choices for you. You can choose to live as you want, without hassle or discomfort, or you can choose to live in pain. Once you become the authority figure to your subconscious mind, you are NOW the designer of your own reality. You have the power to make it easy or hard. Isn't that incredible? Think of the power of it all! Choose now, do it quickly, before you wake up to discover life, with all its beauty and rewards, has passed you by and left you with nothing.

Now that you are more aware of the power of your subconscious mind. You are beginning to make a success of your present conscious desires…and always with speed, ease, comfort and joy.


The daily exercise to help you create a positive subconscious belief that you are financially secure.

Each morning before starting your day – write the following Statement of Fact – 7 times;

I now truly believe I can and now do draw to me, the people who now help me attain, maintain and expand a solid financial and emotional base that grows stronger each day. I attain, maintain and expand this belief, subconsciously, consciously, physically and spiritually with speed,ease, comfort and joy.

Each evening – before retiring- write the following Statement of Fact – 7 time;

I now am enjoying drawing to me, the people who now help me attain, maintain and expand a solid financial and emotional base that grows stronger each day. I attain, maintain and expand this belief, subconsciously, consciously, physically and spiritually with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

After you have written your Statement of Fact – visualize or imagine yourself – as NOW BEING OK having the Inner Belief that you know that you will be OK.

A fact to remember: The last thing you think about at night is what your subconscious mind works on all night. Think negative thoughts as you are drifting to sleep – you wake up a mess in the morning.

Think positive thought – whether they are true or not (your subconscious mind doesn't care) you'll wake up – ready to go with speed, ease, comfort and joy.