Mind Mapping For Success with Speed, Ease, Comfort & Joy!

Mind Mapping has been around for a couple of decades. Sometimes we forget what we have learned over the years., as we continue to strive to be on the leading edge of what is happening in our worlds.

For this Words for Thought – I want to revisit Mind Mapping. It is a great way to future project as well as discover what is keeping you stuck in your same old rut.

As I keep telling you the language of the subconscious mind is your imagination. The most effective way to mind map is by starting to use pictures of what your subjects are on your map.

The subconscious mind is easily be accessed when you imagine a picture or symbol of what it is you want to work on. Once you have imagined the picture – you’ll set off a chain of pictures that will flow freely connected with your beginning picture. It is these pictures that your subconscious mind relies on as its truth about the subject.

Through Mind Mapping, you’ll be able to access your current truth pictures. Once you have you’ll know what it is that you need to change, thus changing your life.

So now draw a circle in the middle of a white sheet of paper. Put in the circle a picture of the subject or question your working on. Or draw a picture in the circle.

Next stare at the picture – letting your mind wonder, as it does you’ll begin to have a series of thoughts or key words connected with the picture in the circle.

Starting at the edge of the circle – draw a line and PRINT the key word you are receiving. Continue drawing lines from the circle’s edge until there are no more key words coming to you.

Now take each of the lines with key words—one at a time. Staring at each line, you’ll begin to have sub-keywords. Draw a line from your primary key word line, PRINTING the key word you are hearing. Continue drawing lines until you have no more words coming to you.

Now stop and analyze what you have written by writing a story using the key words you have written concerning the subject you were working on.

You’ll be very surprised what you come up with – once you know what is holding you back – you must begin to change your subconscious pictures to support what you want to change.

Shameless commercial once you know what your blocks are – Give me a call to set an appointment for a hypnotherapy session to help to change those subconscious pictures.