Stopping Mind Chatter with Controlled Attention

So many times we have what I call mindless chatter going on in our heads. The problem with this mindless chatter is that it has energy and vibrations that are being sent out into your world.  Even though you may not want to classify mindless chatter as thoughts they are.  Thoughts are things. When you think a thought long enough it begins to build up a manifestation energy that draws to them what they are about. The like mind principle works with every level of our existence. The gives your mind chatter a great deal of power in your life.

 Stopping Mind Chatter is learning how to stop your subconscious mind’s  habit of “running off the mouth” so to speak.  One of the most effective ways I have used to stop my mind chatter is to start mentally yelling STOP STOP STOP until my subconscious mind stops.  It will – you just have to be persistent and consistent with yelling stop to yourself.  Once you have gotten control of your subconscious mind,  start to think I’M OK over and over again – until that becomes your Mind Chatter.

You can begin to create a new belief that includes using conscious controlled attention as the basis for keeping your mind chatter under control.

  Statement of Facts: 

I now truly believe I can and now do create  a controlled attention belief in my subconscious mind that I  designate to keep my attention focused on my goals. I create this controlled attention belief with speed, ease, comfort and joy.  I maintain and expand this belief with speed, ease, comfort and joy. 



How does the word anticipation set you up for a mental or physical reaction?  How can you use your anticipation feelings to accomplish your goals rather than let them defeat you by putting you on a gerbil wheel to nowhere? 

Anticipation – connected with negative past referencing starts your negative gerbil wheel in motion.  As you look at what is in front of you to accomplish – your subconscious mind immediately shows you what the past outcomes were. . Thus setting up the anticipation that no matter what you do – you’ll accomplish the same outcome.  It maybe different suites – but the same mental or physically pattern is used.

Anticipation – connected with a positive past referencing starts your I can do it mode of thinking.  You know that you have the inner strength and belief in your ability to accomplish a new goal. So this time the word anticipation puts you on the path to success.

Statement of Facts:

I now truly believe when I think the word or feel the feelings associated with anticipation, I only remember positive outcomes. I attain, maintain and expand this positive goal with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

Write the above Statement of Facts -  7 times in the morning and evening.  Read it through the day.