The Art of Developing Your Own Mind Magic

When you think about the word Magic – what comes to

your mind? A Magic Wand – you wished you had? A picture of Magic Johnson? Or (you write down the picture in your mind) ______________________? 

Each of us has subconscious symbols that come to us when we read, write, say or hear words. You must always be aware of those symbols. 

  • Where do you start Developing Your Own Mind Magic?
  • How do you find where it is located and learn how to naturally tap into that “ Mind Magic Energy” inside you? 

 That mystical cosmic quality that we all have.  Over the years – I have examined many other motivational systems besides my own.  Of course, I want to see what the competition was doing, but I also wanted to see if there was something I was missing.  What I found was that, we are taught to believe if anyone could instill in a person or themselves the belief that they could do anything – they did it.  It didn’t matter the techniques used – the bottom line always is – If They Believe It – It will happen for Them

 Yes they are right and wrong. We have all been taught when we have created a new goal or a new subconscious point of reference inside our mind; we can accomplish it physically.  But I ask you to think about the times you can see your goal  in your mind’s eye –yet you haven’t accomplished it.  Every wonder why? The key to believing is not just believing you can do it – in one section of your subconscious mind, but that you can do it on all sections. Until you have accepted the goal or subconscious point of reference on all levels of your being, the goal doesn’t happen physically. Once you have tapped into your own Mind Magic, you will begin to climb that mountain, start that business, or go forward in life from a different point of view.


Have you ever really given any thought to what thoughts really are?  How many times have you heard or said, ‘thoughts are things”?  Yet, none of us know what a thought  really is made up of. We know that our thoughts move us into physical actions of all kinds  positive and negative.  Two of the most important ideas you must accept about thoughts are they are one of the most powerful forces known to man and its powers are limitless and you can only think one thought at a time.


Can you name one thing in your life or in the world that didn’t start with a thought? Think about your thoughts, do you have a clue where they come from? Ralph Waldo Emerson declared that the ancestor of every action is thought. When you look around you, how many of your external “things” had there beginning as yours or someone else’s  thoughts?

Physically you are 70% water, with a few chemicals thrown in. It is your mind and its thoughts that make you who you are today good, bad or indifferent.  Every thing you do requires a thought-impulse. You are the product of your thoughts.

As we know, that most of the thoughts  we think  were given to us by the authority figures in our formative years.  As well, as TV, movies, newspapers and Madison Ave. advertising agencies.  We are bombarded with beautiful people, wonderful live styles and happy families. At my age I  watched Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies about married life with children. What a shock it was after my first child was born,  and I found out how different life really was.   I was expecting my children to always be happy and smiling, a husband who adored me and a house that was always keep. When I found out that my children cried with colic, my husband didn’t always kiss me at breakfast and I had to clean house, I thought something was wrong with me.

So how can you believe that you are entitled to a life of health, happiness and abundance? How can you over come your current fear based subconscious belief about the future? What do you think about when you are reading about companies  that you  thought would be here forever laying off thousands.


Does accomplishing your goals that seem so out of reach? How do you get inside your thoughts  to determine what they are and how many of them do you want to change?


Thomas A. Edison thought ideas come from outer space.

Perhaps that is true. I often think about how many people have the same idea at the same time  and why only one or two  people, catches the thought and begins to mold into an idea that their thought process can handle and develop.


You must learn to develop the subconscious beliefs that  you have the creative thought process and solidly believe in your ability to “make” your goal happen with speed, ease, comfort and joy. It is those beliefs that create the thoughts that move you into action that move you forward.




Most of us have heard over the years that thoughts are things. Which I believe is true. What I don’t believe is just because I have a thought – it becomes “my thing”.  It only becomes my thing when I have presented it to my imagination with persistency and consistency on a daily basis. 

Since the beginning of time, the shakers and movers have always told us, that people can shape events and control matter through our minds alone.  I am sure you have experienced this in your life, once you presented your thought to your imagination with persistency and consistency, you got what you wanted.  It was when you weren’t persistent and consistent that you didn’t.

As you develop what I call a WIT (Whatever It Takes) Personality, it is important to understand that the  you connect the energy to your thoughts. Until you do that energy  is just empty space waiting to be filled with a thought. Once you filled the energy with your thoughts, than you must continually keep that thought foremost in your mind.  Why, because that thought needs to have more and more energy drawn into it, so that it can begin to form physically what you want to happen. Or if you have taken my ASIST Seminar you’ll will have created the subconscious belief that your are working on energizing your thougts automaticly until it has completed its goal.



Example: I have had many friends over the years that have thought things – when they were up-set with someone on a blind date that were very negative about the situation. Of course, what they were thinking happened.  So not only does energy have no conscious, it will accept whatever you choose to impregnate it with and than give it to you.



 Now that you understand what a thought is, the next thing you need to understand is how to turn that thought into a magnet that draws to you – the “ people, things and opportunities to accomplish you goal”.

Now you have to learn to coordinate your thoughts and goals, so that you can concentrate and apply your  Inner Energy to them 24/7 on your mental and physical planes. 

The easiest way of doing this is to think about a goal that you decided to accomplish no matter what it took. Re-experience the energy and emotional  feelings, you had during the time you were working on achieving the goal. Than moving your thoughts into the feeling of accomplishment when you “got the goal”.  

 What you are doing is activating a winning “point of reference”  that your subconscious mind has experienced.  As you continually concentrate on those feeling, visualize your new goal. (Remember, the subconscious mind is a servo-mechanism and is just waiting to serve you). No matter what other thoughts may come to your mind, you cannot let anything else – come into your mind.  With each focused connection to this “ Winning Point of Reference” and your visualizing your goal, your Inner Mind “gets your picture” and goes to work!!!!!

  Before you start you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1.Have you really determined what you want?

2.Don’t be vague – the clearer your mental picture is the easy it is to achieve the goal.

3.Do you understand how achieving your goal will effect your life?

4.What is the  fixed goal you want to achieve.



I went to the dictionary to look up the word Passion. The first meaning I read wasn’t what I expected, as I moved through the definitions to read the word “suffering”. That isn’t what passion means to me. After reading several meanings, I picked out a couple that were closer to what I feel “passion” means; the emotions as distinguished from reason and intense, driving, or overmastering feeling (being driven to … ).  Being passionate to me means being alive, seeing the world from non-jaded perceptions, and looking forward to going for the gusto- and then doing it.

Whenever I am giving a seminar or working with a new client – I always ask this question: when you think about the word bolt – what picture comes to your mind?

The answers vary – lighting bolt, bolt of cloth, nuts and bolts, or bolting out of a door. Each of our subconscious minds has its own symbol for a word or event that has happened to us. When we say the word, the subconscious mind goes into action, motivating us toward the picture it has connected to the word.

The goal this week is for you to examine the words that you are using to motivate your life. When you say them to yourself, what internal pictures do they bring to your mind?

What are your subconscious symbols for:

Life’s Changes
Positive relationships
If you don’t like what you are seeing, remember they aren’t written in stone. They are just pictures attached to words that you have given meaning too. Changing the meaning and the pictures changes your life.



When you heard that song, did it make you feel all warm, easy, and relaxed remembering A good time?

STOP! Now become aware of the feelings that were connected with the thoughts you generated from the experience.

1. What was the pitch of the feelings?  High or low in your mind.
2. What was there intensity? If you rated them  0 – no feelings  to 10 high impact.
3. Emotional quality?  Rich or Thin?
4. Depth of feeing?    Strong, Medium or Weak.
5. Vibrational Rate.  Fast, Medium Fast or Slow. 

Through many years of experimenting, and hypnotherapy training, I have discovered that thoughts have their own rules for success and failure. Their success or failure depends upon their consistency, intensity, and empowerment by the thinker and the state of mind when they are launched.


WHAT NEXT?  To program your subconscious mind, you must create brain waves that are open and receptive – so you thoughts can pass through your Critical Thinking Barrier.  This is what is called an Altered State of Consciousness. The feeding and care of your thoughts and ideas is very important. You must give your thoughts and ideas time to geminate, feeding them with the proper amount of supporting internal and external energy. 

When you have your thought or idea ready to launch you must create Brain Waves that are close together created by a high oscillation rate.  You do this by simply experience all the excitement you imagine you will feel when you have accomplished your goal. 


You do, I do, your children do, so does your neighbor and co-workers. It doesn’t have a physical address; if it gets diseased you can’t cut it out. Yet, this thing is the “part of us” that creates all of our mental thoughts and physical actions.

Once you understand how to work with this thing, you can change all or parts of it, so it works to help you accomplish your goals. Only you can give it new instructions that can change the size of your body, bank account, personal relationship, and spiritually reality.

By now, I’m sure you have identified this thing. it is your subconscious mind. Taking this entire concept  one step further your subconscious mind is connected to the global collective subconscious that represents the past, present and future. So you can draw to you from the collective subconscious mind people who are more like-minded in their thinking, wants and needs.

Imagining Repetition is one of the ways to reprogram your subconscious mind. When you imagine the “same picture” several times daily, your subconscious mind begins to believe that the picture you are presenting to it is its job.

Once Your Subconscious Mind has a job description, get ready. It goes to work to accomplish the physical parts of the job. While ignoring any negative feelings and thoughts you may experience from people around you.

Your Part is to just keep seeing the picture, not sharing your goal with anyone so that your subconscious mind doesn’t have to spend time, defending you from negative thinkers.

Talk About Airy Fairy

Once you have sent into thin air, what you have imagined for a goal you want to achieve.  Where does it go?

I don’ know – just like I don’t know how someone in New York can speak into a microphone and I can hear it at the same time.  What is the old saying “ about catching something invisible and sewing a button on it”?   It is the Sender and receiver of “ Imagined and conscious thoughts”.  The subconscious mind is beyond time and space. It is a sender, a receiver and stores anything that has happened to us during our lifetime. So here we are with a wonderful “thing”(subconscious mind) in our heads. Actually I am not sure where it is located, since it doesn’t have a physical address or official organ in our bodies. Yet, this “thing” remembers our past, is very aware of our present thoughts and if we program it correctly, it will shape our future without us doing too much to help it. In fact our job is to listen to it’s directions, and when we do – we get the prize. Like it or not, it has a mind of its own, which directs our mental, physical and spiritual lives. So if you don’t like the way your subconscious mind is thinking – than you must begin to imagine a new thought pattern for yourself.

 The easiest method for you to change your subconscious mind’s thoughts – is through hypnosis. If you are having problems achieving your goals. Call me 907-646-1003 or email


As you know – I am somewhat different than most people- being born with what I call the “knowing”. Trained early on concerning – metaphysical realities, which are now moving into “main stream.  So I want to offer you a process that you can do to yourself for discovering any others areas of blockage in your subconscious mind.
(In the “spook world” as I call it – there are unseen comings and goings all time. The old joke in the metaphysical world is when you ask someone, who is clairvoyant, to sit in the back seat of your car – that is empty to the normal person. Their response is – the back seat is full. (To the clairvoyant, they are seeing the comings and goings of the other world.)I can’t even prove the subconscious mind exists. It isn’t an organ nor has a physical address. I believe there are 42 levels within our subconscious mind – we access only 22 of them when working with our “current” subconscious mind.
I have always felt that we came with what I call our Intellectual and Incarnation DNA.  The Intellectual DNA is stored within the top 22 levels of our subconscious mind, while the bottom 20 hold all of the subconscious beliefs created during our past incarnations.
So when you have done all that you can do, with your current subconscious beliefs, created in this lifetime, it is time to look to your past.  The term being used in the therapy world now is Past
Life Regression.
So, if you have an inner thought that you can’t get rid of, than you need to start looking in the past. Here is what you do:
Think about the inner thought you can’t change.Start breathing deeply.
1.    Clasp your hands together, interlacing your fingers.
2.    Extend your index fingers approximately 1 Inc apart.
3.    Now imagine that your index fingers are slowly closing.
When your fingers close, close your eyes, continuing to breathe deeply.
Keep thinking about the thought you can’t change, asking yourself where is this thought stored in your subconscious mind.Eventually you will get an answer, when you do, go with it. Just let your imagination show you where that thought starts from within your subconscious mind.
Remember, you are working with subconscious energy that has
points of reference created by your past life’s actions. (Keep in mind, your subconscious mind is designed to be your servant and you can control it with your thoughts when you are in an altered state of consciousness.)
You must create mentally a “garbage can outside yourself” to throw the negative thoughts connected with why you are not accomplishing your goal. Once you have done that.You must replace your old negative thoughts with new ones that will support you accomplishing your goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy.
It doesn’t matter if you are working with the past or current subconscious beliefs – they all were created the same way and can be changed in the same way.
How many times in your life – has there been an opportunity to SEIZE YOUR  MOMENT? To catapult yourself right smack in the middle of your current goals. Or watch the moment pass by because you didn’t have what it took inside to “do the deal”.
If you couldn’t why not?  Did the cat have your subconscious mind? No subconscious script that your Inner Voice could use to give directions to your conscious mind. Actually the instructions for you to take the physical actions necessary to accomplish your
1.You must ask only for what is rightfully yours.
2. You must be able to handle what you ask for.
You must convey to it through imagining that the outcome of your goal as already completed.
3.You must in the imagining process think and feel the goal is successfully completed.
4.You must actually SEE yourself as living the completed goal.
5.You must have the patients to wait while your subconscious mind assimilates all of the issues connected with the completed goal.
6.You must believe, subconsciously, consciously, physically and spiritually in your subconscious mind ability to attain, maintain and expand your goal with speed, ease, comfort and joy.
7.You must act on the thoughts and ideas that are presented to you from your subconscious mind – i.e. SEIZE YOUR MOMENT.

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