Daze' Lisenkoff PH.D., C.Ht. is a Professional Counselor & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Her goal is for everyone who doubts the extent of their innate creative abilities, to bring those "talents" to life through their connecting to their natural drive to become, serve, create, achieve, and contribute.

Self-recognition is not a bad thing, but it's necessary to align your outer-self with your more powerful and creative inner-self which will let your heart, your knowledge, your talent, contribute compassionately towards the world.

In order to measure How many of your Natural Talents You are Connected To; take the following Self-Test. If you aren't connected to all of your talents, set up appointment with me to help you become connected. Once all of the connections are made – you than become the person you naturally are -accomplishing all of your goals with Speed, Ease, Comfort & Joy.



1.Please put a check mark next to each trait which you see in yourself

  • ___ . Non-conforming
  • ___ . Creative
  • ___ . Strongly motivated by curiosity.
  • ___ . Idealistic; wanting to make the world a better place and the people in it happier.
  • ___ . Happily obsessed with one or more goals which are very meaningful to you.
  • ___ . Aware from early childhood that you are different from others
  • ___ . Opinionated and outspoken, convinced that you are right and that the rest of the world is out of step
  • ___ . Noncompetitive, not in need of reassurance or reinforcement from society; would rather occupy time "usefully" pursuing your goals, without external stimulation.
  • ___ . Unusual in eating habits and living arrangements
  • ___ . Not particularly interested in the opinions or company of other people, except in order to speak of meaningful subjects.
  • ___ . A sense of humor.

Other General Characteristics:

  • ___ . Can you occupy time usefully without external stimulation?
  • ___ . Are you multi-talented?
  • ___ . Do you have so many interests, hobbies, and abilities that it is hard to focus your energies on developing any of them to your satisfaction?
  • ___ . Is your creativity apparent in all areas of play and work?

2. Goals

  • ___ .Are you directed by an inner vision of your purpose in life?
  • ___ .Are you highly motivated to accomplish your goals?
  • ___ .Do you continue to believe in yourself and your goals, even when no one else does?
  • ___ .Are others attracted to your vision and goals, wanting to participate?

3. Intelligence

  • ___ .Are you an independent thinker, individualistic, and mentally self-sufficient?
  • ___ .Are you an original thinker with unique and interesting perspectives?
  • ___ .Are you highly intuitive, with insight and foresight?
  • ___ .Do you enjoy experimenting with creative ideas?
  • ___ .Are you relentlessly curious and investigative?
  • ___ .Do you love intense in-depth discussions?
  • ___ .Do you have an exceptional memory?
  • ___ .Do you think things out and reach conclusions at an accelerated pace?

4. A Sense of Mission:

A sense of mission enables the individual to transcend personal and social limitations through an inner drive, endowing the creative eccentric with an acute sense of desire to contribute to the welfare of mankind, to make the world in which he/she lives a better place.

  • ___ .Are you driven toward self-actualization?
  • ___ .Do you possess an acute sense of self-awareness?
  • ___ .Do you feel a great deal of empathy and compassion for others?
  • ___ .Do you exhibit a high level of moral responsibility for self and others?

5. Introversion

  • ___ .Do you prefer spending quality time alone over time in social pursuits?
  • ___ .Are you difficult for others to get to know, more involved with your internal world than you are with.

6. Others?

  • ___ .Do you suffer from shyness, making it difficult for you to get to know others?
  • ___ .Do you have a great need for privacy, resenting having your personal space invaded?

7. Imaginational Ability:

  • ___ .Do you write, speak, think, and dream in vivid imagery?
  • ___ .Do you like to tell stories which are imaginative and amusing?
  • ___ .Do you express yourself in ways that demonstrate a rich association of images and impressions?
  • ___ .Do you experience vivid visual, auditory, or associational images?
  • ___ .Do you love creating and inventing things?

8. Emotional Excitability:

  • ___ .Are you painfully sensitive, with intense emotions?
  • ___ .Do you have intense emotional feelings toward others?
  • ___ .Are you able to transcend your emotions to take you beyond yourself into areas of philosophical consideration?
  • ___ .Do you suffer from periods of psychological depression?
  • ___ .Do you feel carried away by feelings of elation at times?

It there are traits you want to change –


E-mail Counseling is a flat rate of $35.

Phone Counseling $60. for 60 minutes. PayPal or Mastercard & Visa accepted over a secured server or telephone. If you need a receipt for insurance purposes, I’ll be happy to email or mail you one.

E-mail: daze@hypnoplace.com  907-646-1003



E-mail Counseling is a flat rate of $35.

 Telephone Counseling or Hypnotherapy $60. for 60 minutes. Mastercard & Visa accepted over a secured server or telephone. If you need a receipt for insurance purposes, I’ll be happy to email or mail you one.