Stop Smoking

Before you read the rest of this page STOP do the following exercise:

Clasp your hands together – palms touching. 2. Make your index fingers straighten out – pointing toward the sky – insides facing each other – creating a space between them. 3. Begin to imagine that you have put two magnets on the inside of each index fingers. 4. Breathe deeply and begin to watch your fingers as you continue to imagine the magnets on them. As your fingers are moving toward each other without any help from you – demonstrates how your subconscious mind works. The subconscious mind knows what magnets do – once you begin to imagine those magnets on the inside of your index fingers – your subconscious mind began to send the correct message to your muscles – making the fingers close. Every time you have tried to stop smoking and couldn’t is because of the subconscious mind’s beliefs you created when you first starting smoking. Usually it is connected to the feelings of being “cool”, being part of the group or rebelling. Which today you know isn’t what you want to believe – actually you have to sit ALONE to have a cigarette. 3 Steps to Success – Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Program works with you in changing those inner mind pictures to support being a non-smoker no matter what is happening in your life. As well as an easy program to use between your 3 hypnotherapy sessions. You’ll do 3 hypnosis sessions with Daze’ Lisenkoff, Ph.D., C.Ht. either in the office or by telephone. You’ll also receive: Breathe, Squeeze and Write Booklet, you’ll learn techniques that will keep your nerves calm and stop your craving. Once you learn the techniques, you may use them anywhere or any time – at the office, in a store – no one will notice what you are doing. 8 minute hypnosis cd to be used daily- which helps you change your subconscious pictures. 60 minute subliminal stop smoking cd (you may listen to the subliminal anytime anywhere) this cd acts as a mental anti-biotic for your subconscious mind. A pet rock – to feel when you have the urge to feel a cigarette in your hand. Hypnosis isn’t a magic wand, if you do everything I ask you to do along with the hypnotherapy sessions – you’ll be a non-smoker with speed, ease, comfort and joy. The Price of the complete program is $180.00 which is less than 4 cartons of cigarettes and can be paid in 3 payments. I take checks, Visa or Master Card. If you have any more questions, please feel free to send an email to . Looking forward to working with you.