I am writing in reference to Daze Liskenoff who has helped me tremendously.

My life in the past five years has been a constant of ups and downs beginning with the death of my parents. I have been through several of the most major stress situations one can experience, from leaving a good career and my home of 45 years, to living in Sequim, where I have had several career changes – still not finding my niche.


Daze has helped me through the use of hypnosis to manage my stress and deal with my life’s anxieties. She has helped me find my way. Not only has her counseling taught me how to manage my life, she has also helped me to discover feelings that were buried deep in my subconscious. She has showed me how to find the path that I am on now – a path that has lead me to accomplish my goals and obtain peace in my life.


Daze is not only a counselor but also a friend. I think of her as my guardian angel. I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Very Sincerely,

Lori Fonzi

(360) 681-6124


I want to thank you for helping me find myself. I've been hidden for so long in a deep dark despair. I had forgotten who I was, and how good it was to be alive.. Your guidance lead me toward self respect, self love and self confidence.

The dark cloud has lifted and I have emerged into a happier, joyous and freer existence. I can face tomorrow with a smile and know now that I can handle what ever life brings my way and I now welcome the challenges with a new inner strength. The world is so full of many new and exciting experiences that I am ready to embrace thanks to you again.


Dear Daze', I want to thank you for the hypnosis session we did over the phone last year. It was extremely effective in helping identify the real issue and in helping eliminate a life long phobia. I was amazed, especially with the phobia. It has been tested and even a year later it remains gone. Your hypnosis session has changed my life. Jodi – Texas

Just wanted to take a moment here to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles. They are very provoking or is it invoking. Nevertheless there is inspiration in your words as well as information that I utilized in my consultations with other people. Being an astrologer I deal with clients on a daily level but each person is different and requires a unique approach. Your articles give me added understanding that I can pass on to help these souls evolve into a more complete whole. And I do pass on your email address to them. So keep up the excellent work.

Sincerely, Thomas Parsons THANK YOU MR. PARSONS (Mr. Parsons writes for www.insyncnews.com under Celestial Implications)


Dazé has worked with me over the past 18 months. For the past 6 months, we have worked by phone. We focus on many issues from remodeling and selling my house, moving across the county — to negative thoughts about aging, relationships, etc. This was accomplished, for the most part, while working full-time and part-time concurrently. I found the therapy very helpful in:

(1) prioritizing what I wanted to manifest at any particular time; (2) keeping myself balanced; (3) avoiding 'overwhelm' by allowing myself to focus on 1 – 3 issues at a session; (4) uncovering the deep subconscious reasons I was not manifesting whatever I thought I wanted. Not everything I wanted or thought I wanted to materialize came to fruition. That didn't stop me. I focus on results. More of what works and less of what doesn't. For me, hypnotherapy works well for some things not so well for others. Successes include–in chronological order:

*Materializing an income to support myself in my future life and cross-country move; * A gorgeous/perfect remodeled house to sell; * Netting the exact amount of $ that I wanted from the sale of my house; * Closing the sale of my house on my precise time schedule; * Finding out who my friends were/are; * Moving to a place that most people only dream about [without having somewhere to stay, a job, or any real friends]. * Identifying what I want and need and what I’m willing to do to get it. I learned again and again: (1) Clear intentions rule; (2) What you focus on expands ['good' or 'bad']; (3) We can stay trapped in the past or we can move forward and have the life we choose… if we're willing to work for it. I was willing to work for it. It doesn't stop. I still am. All the best to all of us in our travels along the Path to Manifesting! –MA

"After my first hypnotic session with you, my business started turning around – this is so far my best year of my 10 years in Real Estate. And, as a "bonus" I've released over 30 unwanted pounds and am now exercising daily and eating appropriately". -Bert Dozark, Anchorage, AK ReMax



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