It sounds great, but do you have subconscious beliefs to accomplish it? Most people don’t.

Can you ASK, can you do that? Ask your husband to meet your needs, your boss to give you a raise, your children to do what you want. Most of us until we have been hypnotized to believe we can ask won’t.

Can you BELIEVE, believing you can have it, that the UNIVERSE is providing you with whatever you have ask for is also very hard until you can believe it subconsciously.

Can you RECEIVE, it takes time to be able to receive what we are asking for, whatever it is.

Can you FEEL, how many times have you wanted to feel driving that new car, feel the raise, feel being happy with yourself and couldn’t.  Until you have been hypnotized to feel, you can’t do it like you should.

MIND MAP, learning how to make one, that you can use over and over is also included.


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