Daze’ Lisenkoff Ph.D.,C.Ht.

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT Master and Intuitive


I can help you with:

Relationships Depression

Weight Loss

Addictions: Gambling – Porn
Obsessive/Compulsive Behavior
Stop Smoking


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Dr. Daze is an astoundingly accurate intuitive coach and healer! In my first conversation with her she advised me that a current client was not being honest with me and hit the nail on the head and verified for me that I needed to get rid of this client who was never going to pay me the money that she owed me. I was so impressed that I asked Daze to tell continue the process with me and she began to coach me on how build by new company that I had recently launched. She said that I would get the current prospective client  if I gave it some time, and that my  was company would prosper and that I needed to focus on getting two new clients and write a business plan as well to create my vision. Within weeks that client came through as she said and I got another one who is of celebrity status a few weeks later!
Daze’ was right on the money and I asked her to do any other healing work with me that she suggested.

The story continues as she did an amazing
hypnotherapy session with me that was different from any other kind of hypnotherapy I have had in the past.

She was able to identify deep childhood issues immediately, and heal them right in the session on a sub-conscious level. The next day I felt like I had released issues that I have struggled with for years and felt empowered with a new sense of confidence.

Daze’ can pinpoint your life issues and zoom in with an action
plan for success. She is number one in my book!

                                               Linda Bloom, M.A.



We all have hopes and dreams that we have tried to accomplish – sometimes we have and sometimes we haven’t. The key to constantly accomplishing your goals is to change your subconscious mind’s negative beliefs.

You know if your life is OK – or if you need to change – I am here to help you. There is tons of information on this site – I suggest you start with clicking on the Hypnowheel – twice daily. This will begin to change your inner stinking thinking.

The following links – as well as the links in the menu are all here to help you accomplish your goals.

If you want to accomplish your goals faster – I suggest some hypnotherapy sessions with me. Using hypnosis to change your negative thinking is like taking the Concord to your destination – while self-talking yourself is like walking to your destination.

Read the information on the site – there is something for everyone – to help you accomplish your goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

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Teaches you to Attain, Maintain& Expand your goals with Speed, Ease, Comfort and Joy! Including exercises to help you create a positive subconscious belief that you are financially secure.





Sell Yourself Subliminally

PDF is how to identify the personality of the person you are trying to sell, using their personality to keep control of the session. Are you tired of always being a bridesmaid and never the bride?  This PDF will put you on top in your business and your personal life.

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What people are saying about Daze’.


Dear Daze’, I want to thank you for the hypnosis session we did over the phone last year. It was extremely effective in helping identify the real issue and in helping eliminate a life long phobia. I was amazed, especially with the phobia. It has been tested and even a year later it remains gone. Your hypnosis session has changed my life. Jodi – Texas

Just wanted to take a moment here to tell you how much I enjoy reading your articles. They are very provoking or is it invoking. Nevertheless there is inspiration in your words as well as information that I utilized in my consultations with other people. Being an astrologer I deal with clients on a daily level but each person is different and requires a unique approach. Your articles give me added understanding that I can pass on to help these souls evolve into a more complete whole. And I do pass on your email address to them. So keep up the excellent work.

Sincerely, Thomas Parsons THANK YOU MR. PARSONS (Mr. Parsons writes for www.insyncnews.com under Celestial Implications)

Using my Counseling Services & Free motivational tools will help you attain, maintain and expand your goals with Speed, Ease, Comfort and Joy!

IT’S AFFORDABLE – E-mail Counseling is a flat rate of $45. per e-mail.

Hypnotherapy by Telephone $125. for 50 minutes. PayPal, accepted as payment.

daze@hypnoplace.com .

  Email Counsuling -  45.00

  Telephone Counsuling – 125.00