Thumbnail Tips on How to Use Your Inner Mind to Accomplish Your Goals with Speed, Ease, Comfort, and Joy.


Every thing starts in the Inner Mind, accessing it will help you accomplish your goal at a much faster pace, drawing to you the people and creating the situations that support your goals.

This series of tips will help you.

20 Thumbnail Tips Using Your Inner Mind to  Accomplish Your Goals with Speed, Ease, Comfort and Joy.


  1. Stop past-referencing. Use your past experiences as lessons for learning. You have a choice about how you handle the information from past experiences.  You can look at the best and the worst experiences – to see what you did to win or what you can do better this time.  You can’t let those past experiences stop you in your tracks. You must begin to accept that they are for informational purposes only.


  1. Remember everyone puts his or her pants on one leg at a time.  We all started from exactly the same mind power; during your formative year you were given various subconscious beliefs about yourself and your ability to accomplish your goals. If yours weren’t positive don’t let this stop you.  You have the same shot at the lifestyle you want to accomplish as those around you.  When you understand how to use your Inner Mind to help you put your pants on faster than the next guy, you become a natural winner.


  1. Only you make yourself happy or unhappy.  Stop and think about a time when you were upset, happy or crying.  Who made you made you feel those emotions, honestly?  It was you – and only you.  When you accept this information, than you understand – no one can make you feel like a winner or failure but you. What is your choice?


  1. Understand that each thought you are thinking creates your future now. Thoughts have energy that creates situations. Thoughts have the power to deliver to you exactly what you want when you think them with persistency and consistency daily.  It is your responsibility to stay positive in your thoughts. Tell yourself cancel, cancel when you have began to think negatively. Once you have done the cancel, cancel, you must now make the choice to start thinking your positive thoughts that assist you in accomplishing your goals.


  1. Make the commitment to be persistent and consistent in working toward your goals. Hit and miss just doesn’t get it. If you are persistent and consistent in working toward your goals, you’ll begin to live as if you were born under a lucky star. That persistent and consistent pursuit of your goals turns you into that guy that has all the success.


  1. Starting your day with a smile, releases “I can do It” chemicals to your subconscious mind.  Try it – every morning before you get out of bed – just smile.  Just before you go to doze off to sleep, smile and you’ll wake up with a smile on your face.


  1. Be adaptable. Keep in mind that situations, and people, and conditions change. If you keep your blinders on, you’ll miss many opportunities that can assist you to perform your goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy. You must keep your eye on your goal.


  1. Keep in mind if you have to dance with the devil, you don’t have to bring him home or allow him to rub off on you.  Many times you have to work with people you don’t like or trust, but they are part of the group that you must deal with to accomplish your goal. You don’t have to be like them, only understand how to interact with them to obtain what you want.  You leave them at the workplace or wherever you have to deal with them. A little trick I use is: when I leave the office, I have an imaginary box outside my door.  I drop the day’s thoughts, energies, and issues into the box. I don’t take them home.  I have the same type of box outside my door at home, when I leave in the morning I drop my home issues in the box. I don’t take them to work.


  1. Keep yourself in a positive now state of thinking.  Think about this, your last minute is passed; the next one isn’t here yet. All you have is now.  You must choose to keep the thought that you are an adult inside and out, you have the coping skills to be a winner with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

10. Keep in mind you can only think one thought at time. Try to
think 2 thoughts together – you can’t do it.  It is your choice to
think the right thoughts that support you accomplishing your


11. Every no takes you nearer to a yes. Think this through, every
no takes you closer to the yes you want.  Understanding each
no is a roadblock that has been removed from your path to
your goal.


12.      Keep your goals a secret until you have accomplished them. No
one needs any type of negative vibes or views attached to
their goals. Keep your mouth shut until you have achieved
the goals.


13.      Set your goals and imagine you have achieved them. Do this daily. What you can imagine you can create. Your subconscious mind thinks in pictures, so begin to “see” your goal in your mind’s eye.  Don’t sweat it if you can’t “see” the goal; just imagine what it feels like living the goal.  I can’t “see” either, but I know what I know. What I want and what it looks like – I call that knowing. It is that knowing which I send to myself.


14.      Create several visuals for each goal you are going to accomplish, placing them where you can see them daily. These visuals can be pictures cut out of a book, something you have drawn, an object. Look at these visuals, when you are on the phone, driving or any place where you can see your goal visually. This is like giving your subconscious mind an antibiotic to support you accomplishing the goal.


15.      This one is a little airy-fairy, but if you create a mental committee of people who you admire, or have accomplished goals in your field; you can talk to them daily asking their advice and help. They don’t have to be dead, they can be alive. What you are doing is tapping into their energy. Just get quiet, imagine you are in your office conference room, and bring those people you want to talk with into the room. Now, begin a mental conversation with them. When you have finished thank them, visual your goals, and open your eyes.


16.      Fake It Till You Make It.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t care what you tell it. You simply must put yourself into a hypnotic trance. What this does is allow you to access the area of your brain that holds all of your motivational beliefs and pictures.  When you introduce new pictures of your goals with consistency and persistency, they become stronger and begin sending out the energy that will help you accomplish the goal with speed, ease, comfort, and joy.


17.      Take it one step at a time when setting goals.  If you are driving a car that is 10 years old, and want a new one – the best way to get a new car without becoming overwhelmed and putting yourself into a defeatist state of being, is to begin by programming for a newer car. Perhaps, one that is five years older.  Why?  Because it is easier to bring a newer one into your life, rather than a brand new one.  Once you have the newer car, you can begin to program for a brand new one.  Your subconscious mind will handle this much better and you’ll be a much happier camper inside.


18.      Stop dieting.  Build the subconscious belief that you can eat a little of everything you want. The operative words are “eat a little”. No matter how you cut it, it is calories in and calories out.


19.      When I tell you, “don’t think about a yellow banana” what is happening? You are thinking about a yellow banana. So when you think a negative thought, you keep concentrating on it, building negative energy. If you think you enjoy living your goal, it builds positive energy that supports you accomplishing your goal.


20.      Learn how to use your subconscious mind to help you accomplish your goals. (Shameless Commercial) My e-book Using the Inner Mind to Accomplish Your Goals with Speed, Ease, Comfort, and Joy is a very simple but effective method to successfully assist you in creating the subconscious belief you can attain, maintain and expand all of your current goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy.




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